Frutkoff Projects

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We are Frutkoff Projects!

A forward thinking company for the modern musician, we are committed to experiences at the intersection of music, media, performing arts and technology that cultivate creators and make a cultural and social impact. We offer a variety of music services backed by a wealth of knowledge and expertise that promise to get the job done.


Some of what we offer:

We manage projects, develop artist and brand strategy, take care of copyright management, provide recording services, design your album cover, get you and your music online (including digital distribution, website, digital marketing/social media) and more.

Some of the creators we work with include:


Digital grassroots music publication platform


Branding, Strategy and digital development


Strategy, Artist Services and coaching for Producer, Rapper, DJ 


Strategy consulting for Jerusalem based Hip-Hop collective


Consulting, Project Management for album production and digital distribution


As well as: